Cool Colors Gradient Necklace (on royal blue chain)

MOODZ are the first emotionally intelligent jewelry! Customize them with your mood. Whether happy, sad, angry or flirty, your necklace can express your feelings before you do and help you communicate your emotions visually!


Every set includes 5 pieces total:

One-of-a-kind flower dangle base (1 pieces)

4 interchangeable mood charms (4 pieces)


100% handmade from polymer clay, and hand painted


Disclaimer: MOODZ are made with magnets. The magnets used are ferrite magnets. While durable, they are not dangerous and mainly used for crafting. However, purchase at your own discretion if you have a pacemaker or other metal device implant that could be affected by magnets. Not recommended for children.

Cool Colors Gradient Necklace (on royal blue chain)

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